Fall Family Photos At Utah Lake State Park | Lokboj Family

Looking for a great location for family photos? We love this spot at Utah Lake State Park, especially with the golden fall leaves. And the Lokboj family (in their perfectly coordinated outfits) look so beautiful in all of the pictures we were able to capture of them here!

TJ and Autumn Lokboj have three adorable kids: Manoa, Isla, and Kalena. This photogenic family actually had Tasha take their family photos several years ago, since Autumn is the sister of Tasha’s best friend, Jackie (whose wedding she captured back in 2017). The Lokbojs loved how those pictures turned out, so they decided to work with Tasha again. We love returning clients! And we were thrilled to capture these memories for the Lokbojs since their kids are growing up so fast.

Sometimes, family photo sessions with little kids can be challenging! Parents often feel embarrassed or frustrated during a shoot when their kids are struggling to smile or look at the camera. A lot of them think, “it’s just our kids”. Trust us, most kids don’t love photo sessions. But we always find a way to make the pictures turn out so great!

Tasha and Megan were the perfect team for this photoshoot. Toddlers are actually Megan’s favorite age to take pictures of because she loves the personalities of little kids and knows from personal experience with her own daughters just how quickly toddlers grow up. And thanks to Tasha’s editing skills (which may have included a few face swaps to make sure there were pictures of everyone smiling), we were able to send the Lokbojs a folder of memories that will help them remember this precious (and busy) phase of life!

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