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We are so excited to introduce one of our associate wedding photographers on Tasha Rose’s team! Kaylea is a gold medalist of thrift shopping and getting free samples from Bath & Body Works. She and her husband have known each other since they were seven, and are currently living in Provo, Utah where Kaylea is studying dietetics and nutrition at Brigham Young University. When Kaylea isn’t at a photoshoot the two love to ski, eat mango curry, play the “Deal or No Deal” card game, and travel everywhere with Michael’s company, Aptive Environmental! Kaylea’s goal in life is to be Donna from Mamma Mia 2 with perfect beach wavy hair and time spent DIYing a fixer upper resort in Greece.

How did you first get into photography?

I was given a Hannah Montana digital camera in first grade and would take pictures of myself throwing rose petals onto my stuffed animals! It was the prettiest combo I could think of. Little did I know that wedding photography would end up even prettier and more exciting! By high school I still loved the idea of being a photographer, so I saved up for a camera all four years by working at my small-town movie theater (which wasn’t tooooo bad because my husband worked there too! We flirted over everyyy bag of popcorn). I finally learned how to use the camera (which is basically a small, handheld computer that requires its own code!) my freshman year of college in between chemistry classes and marching band practice! I was so excited when I saw Tasha was hiring new associate wedding photographers for her team and knew it was the perfect fit for my die hard photography heart! 

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Probably not your typical answer but sisters at weddings! I have three sisters, so taking pictures of sisters at weddings always makes me want to fly to Texas and snuggle mine! We got so many fun shots of me and my sisters on my wedding day and they are some of my favorite photos… besides the ones taken with my husband (obviously).

Where is your favorite place to take photos?

Anywhere with water or colorful leaves! I fell in love with colorful leaves during the Seeley’s Engagement Session this fall at Aspen Grove! I couldn’t believe how much color was on the trees and how beautiful it made the photos!! Can it be fall all year-round?

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

I love hearing the wedding playlist as I walk around the reception reminiscing my own wedding day! My cutest husband always gets the biggest hugs when I come home from weddings!!

Do you have any advice for couples or families before their photo session?

Don’t feel awkward when told to fake giggle at the camera! It feels SO STRANGE, but looks very authentic! Every couple in dreamy photos is probably fake giggling but you’d never know it. Just stay loose and confident and trust your photographer!

What are 10 of your favorite things?

Bedtime: Slap me in the covers by 9:30; I’m SLEEPY.
Flex: Telling people I’ve read the Harry Potter series 11 times.
Feeling: Putting my foot flat on the floor after hours of wearing heels.
Scentsy Smell: Vanilla cube + blueberry cube, mixed.
Sport: Marching band.
Pastime: Embarrassing my husband by posting his funny quotes as Instagram captions.
Workout: Speed walking old-lady style through the streets of Provo.
Outfit: My thrifted, leopard print, tee shirt dress.
Season: Any season warm enough to wear a dress.
Pet: Webkinz.

Three of Your Favorite Images

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Learn more about working with an associate photographer here or if you’re ready to contact us with more questions or book your session contact us here!
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