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We are sad to say that we have decided to cancel our Utah and California receptions. It's with many emotions that we have come to this decision, but we feel it's best for the safety of our families and friends.
We will plan on a Temple Sealing once we're able to make an appointment and individually coordinate with guests in accordance with local gathering restrictions. 
Thank you all for the well wishes and support! - Mr. + Mrs. Wright

Our Story

Our story is all about timing. For two people that've never lived in the same state at the same time until March of 2019, God really orchestrated the most beautiful plan for us both!

Having grown up in Southern California, Dylan was a very well-acquainted resident of OC and was so welcoming to Kaylyn when she first moved to the area. They first met at a Come Follow Me discussion group held at Dylan's house, then found themselves shooting hoops together at their church's family night. Just three weeks after moving into town, Kaylyn decided to send Dylan a text that Saturday (March 23, 2020) to ask what Califonians do on weekends. He responded "watch the sunset, of course!" Before we knew it, we were watching the sun set at Crystal Cove and spending the rest of the evening together.

This new relationship was very unexpected for us both! Just two months before moving to CA, Kaylyn committed to another job that would've kept her in Salt Lake City, UT. But as we said, God had bigger plans, and two days after she committed, a firm in OC approached her with an unexpected opportunity. She determined that if she didn't go, she would never know what she was missing out on.

Come to find out, this unexpected job opportunity would lead to another, huge, unexpected opportunity! After a few short months of "keeping it casual" and enjoying getting to know each other, we knew our connection was something special. We shared the same values, we could make each other laugh at any given moment, and we both valued communication as one of the foundations of our relationship.

Our first holiday season was spent together, giving Dylan his first Utah Christmas experience and a perfect scenery for a memorable proposal. Three days later, we departed on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel+Jordan, allowing us to slow down and enjoy being engaged before things sped back up to arrange a wedding in just a few short months! But all stresses aside, every weight is lifted when we have each other. Whether it's when we find a coveted parking spot on a bustling street, or making the next, big life decisions together; "we love when a plan comes together."

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