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I’ve found that a lot of my couples this year are attending school here in Utah when they meet but are planning to get married out-of-state in the bride or groom’s hometown. So, today we’re going to talk about why hiring a traveling photographer might be the right choice for your wedding.

  • The first and most obvious benefit to hiring a photographer in Utah to travel to your wedding location is that it allows you to have your engagement and/or bridal session photographed where you are, but still allows you to have that same photographer that you know and trust with you on your big day
  • Hiring a photographer to travel with you to your wedding is especially beneficial for LDS brides and grooms. Wedding photographers who specialize in temple weddings here in Utah are experts in that area because they are so plentiful here. We have 17 working temples in the state! Choosing a photographer who understands the LDS culture and how the timeline of those weddings works can be tricky to find elsewhere.
  • It is a simple fact that wedding photographers are plentiful here in Utah, so as a consequence, the cost tends to be less expensive. Even with travel fees, you may find that hiring a traveling photographer is more cost effective.
  • It should come as no surprise to you that destination photographers love to travel! If you’re getting married at an amazing location, your photographer may just offer a discount if your wedding is somewhere they really want to visit.

I hope I’ve got you convinced to bring me along for your next out-of-state wedding! My only piece of advice if you do choose this option is to ask your photographer to fly in the night before your wedding (or sooner) just to account for any travel delays. Always keep an eye on the weather! A special thank you to the gorgeous Lauren and her husband, Dallin, for being a part of this beautiful bridal session at the Gilbert, Arizona Temple! I’ll take palm trees and sun any day of the week!

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