Spring Greenhouse Engagements and a Trip to Utah Lake || Orem, Utah

Today’s engagement session makes me feel like spring is here, which is so exciting! We photographed Kenzie & Brady’s engagement at the greenhouse venue, Shade Home and Garden. You may recognize it from the recent wedding inspiration shoot my team and I put together there. It’s quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite venues!

Kenzie has such great style, which you can see from the outfits she chose for this engagement session. After the greenhouse, we headed over to Utah Lake for some sunny portraits by the water. I basically wanted everything she wore. She and I got along as well because we have so much in common! She lived in Colorado for a few years, which is where I am originally from. We are both nurses. Kenzie currently works as a NICU nurse. We both have celiac’s, so she was kind enough to bring me her favorite gluten-free cookies, salted caramel and chocolate. That is definitely the quickest way to my heart! Kenzie is also the daughter of one of my favorite LDS singers, Hilary Weeks. I may have been just a little star-stuck.

Kenzie & Brady have got to be one of the cutest couples ever! Their love for each other was so apparent as I watched them interact. Kenzie works with the mother of one of Brady’s really good friends who thought the two of them would be so cute together. Brady came into town for a friend’s wedding so Kenzie’s coworker set them up. Kenzie was very hesitant to go out with him, as she has had several bad blind date experiences in the past. They hit it off right away though! Brady moved to North Carolina for work last year, and Kenzie will be joining him there after they’re married.

I’m almost as excited for this couple’s wedding day as they are! Kenzie told me that having me photograph her wedding was the only thing she cared about more than her dress. I believe Brady’s exact words were, “It goes the dress, you, and then me.” Talk about a dream bride! Congratulations, Kenzie & Brady! I’m so excited to be a part of the beginning of your happily ever after!

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