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For several years now I have been dreaming of growing the Tasha Rose team with additional photographers to serve more brides than I ever could alone. I’m still pinching myself a little because recently I’ve had the opportunity to add two associate photographers to my team! They are both talented photographers in their own right, and they have also photographed alongside me and have been mentored by me. I’m so excited for this new chapter in my business, and today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Candace and Sophia!

Meet Candace:

Hi! I’m Candace! I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and love it. I’m married to my soulmate even though some people say they don’t exist. I love photography, people, and memories.

Here are some little-known facts about me:

  1. I love running! Especially in the trails of Ogden, Utah. As long as I don’t see a rattlesnake, I’m good! I’m always cheering on my alma mater. Go, Weber!
  2. I’m a foodie! Not only do I love eating food, but I love making it too! My husband has really upgraded from the pasta and pancakes he lived on in college.
  3. I don’t watch TV. Except “Random Acts” on BYU-TV. Ever need a little pick me up? Tune in!
  4. I love getting a deal! Sale racks and second-hand stores are my Achilles heel.
  5. I love CELEBRATING! Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or half birthday, I love any excuse to spoil my loved ones.

Meet Sophia:

Hey, I’m Sophia! Some people call me Sophie. Some people call me Soph. Whatever jams with you, I’ll respond. I’m a student, photographer, California native, and a former Tasha Rose bride. I loved Tasha and her work so much that I decided to join the her team! When I’m not working behind the camera, I’m behind my computer coding for classes, on the street training for a half marathon, or jamming with my husband.

Here are some little-known facts about me:

  1. There’s no better comfort food than homemade butter popcorn.
  2. My husband and I write original music together. If it were up to us, we’d just do photography and music full time.
  3. If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to Iceland.
  4. I’m pretty sure that deep belly laughs can cure all of life’s problems.
  5. When I’m alone, I am the best dancer you will never see.

Aren’t they wonderful?? I’m so jealous of all of you lucky people that get to work with them. So what does this mean for my future brides? It means more dates for weddings and engagement sessions, a customized client experience, and more pricing options to meet every bride’s budget! Find out more about working with my associates here.

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