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Happy 24th birthday to everyone’s favorite redhead, Tasha Rose! Go shawty it’s your birthday, free cake, I mean happy birthday!

Most of you don’t know me, I work behind the scenes for Tasha Rose. I decided to put together a little birthday surprise for her today. Tasha consider yourself lucky, I debated between this or putting on my own season of the “bachelorette” starring the cutest, fiery, red-head in all the land on the search for her prince charming. Lucky for you, Covid not 1-18 came in like a wrecking ball and suggested not going out and kissing/dating random men (good ones of course, picked out by me, family and friends).

Anyways, no one sees behind the scenes like I do. You truly are AMAZING! I really don’t know how you do it all! You’re one of the most amazing photographers and humans I’ve ever met. I sincerely look up to you and love you! Remember, birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake, so go get yourself the biggest gluten free cake out there! May the fork be with you. Love you times a million, hope you enjoy this little surprise.

Love Darcie

outside summer picturesHere are 24 (actually 28 because you’re so incredibly loved) birthday messages from Tasha Rose brides/couples, family and friends.

1.“24 years ago, today Natasha Rose the caboose of our family arrived. She was in such a hurry to get started with Earth life that she tried to come 5 months early. After many challenges and me being on complete bed rest for 4 months we were very blessed that Tasha arrived tiny, but mighty. She has always been a ball of fire and very driven to succeed. She sets her mind to reach a goal and doesn’t let anything get in her way. She always has a smile on her face even when she had to recover from multiple major orthopedic surgeries. We are very proud of her and love that she has found a way to do both of her favorite professions. A school nurse and the amazing wedding photographer that all of you know. Tasha, Dad and I love you bunches and hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year of happy days. Happy 24th Birthday!” – Mom and Dad

2. “Happy birthday Tasha. You are so strong and can do anything, you are so inspiring to everyone around you.”-Kara

3. “Not my nachi” -Jeremy

4. “Tasha your so kind, smart, driven and incredibly hard working. I’m so lucky to call you my friend. You deserve all of the success that has come your way. Not only are you a great boss, but a great friend! I’m truly grateful to have you in my corner and wish you the happiest of birthdays.” -Kenzie Alldredge

5.“Happy birthday Tasha! You are incredibly talented and have become a great friend. I’m so glad I chose you as my wedding photographer two years ago. What a wild ride it’s been! You are going places girl! Thank you for everything you’ve taught me and for your friendship! Hope your birthday is as amazing as you!!” -Sophia Jensen

outside summer pictures6. “Happy birthday Tashy!! I am so forever grateful to know you- and not just because you took our wedding photos 😉. I love how feisty you are and how driven you are! You give 110% to everything you do. I love our friendship and I am so so grateful you were my wedding photographer! Honestly, you made everything so easy and FUN! I wasn’t the tiniest bit stressed on my wedding day due to the tips you gave me before hand and because of your great leadership in getting photos taken! Love you lots and happy birthday!!” -Bekaa Warner

7. “Happy Birthday Tasha! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for taking us on all your fun photo shoot adventures and being such a kind friend! We love you :)!” -Auvi, Richard and Leo

8. “Happy happy birthday to my favorite little fiery twin redhead!!! We can never thank you enough for what you have done for us!! You are so fun & happy & talented! I am forever grateful that I get to think of you every time I think about my wedding or look at our pictures. I love love you!!!!” -Katherine Fairwell

9. “Happy birthday Tasha! You are easily one of my closest friends in the wedding industry, and I’m so grateful we weirdly crossed paths last year. You are beyond talented and one of my favorite people to work with. Coming in contact with you surely will bring a smile to anyone’s face. I hope you enjoy this day and this YEAR of your life!!” – xoxo Jessa (Lennox Flora)

10. “Happy Birthday, Tasha! You deserve all the happiness and joy in the world! Knowing you has been an absolute pleasure and Conner and I are lucky to call you a friend! We hope you have the best day and that this coming year holds even more greatness for you! You are one of a kind!” -Abby Kate Berry

outside summer pictures11. “Happy birthday Tasha!! Soo grateful that I started as one of your brides and now we are friends!! You are kind and energetic and have such an enthusiasm for life! I hope you have the best day! Love you!” -Kenzie Roth

12. “TASHA!! Oh, I love you. Happy birthday!! I hope you feel so loved! I am so grateful for your constant friendship. I really couldn’t imagine life without you in it. I am always inspired by your drive to follow your dreams and how you are constantly finding ways to be better! You are so kind and one of the greatest humans I know.” -Jacki Chipana

13. “Hey Tasha! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being such an amazing person! I seriously have loved every moment with you, even the freezing cold ones! I honestly feel like I can say I’m friends with my photographer and that makes every session a delight! You’re so personal and kind, I know I could go to you for advice in a heartbeat! I hope you’re birthday is just as wonderful and joyful as you are!” -Hannah Barclay

14. “Hey Tasha! I hope you have an amazing birthday! I seriously look up to you and the way you care about others! I’m so thankful we found you to be our wedding photographer and I can’t wait for many more photo shoots in the future! You’re amazing ❤️😊” -Mallory Kindt

15. “Happiest of Birthdays Tasha!!!!! I am so so grateful for you and your amazing talent!! It’s been a year and I still look at our pictures alllllll the time!! You are an amazing photographer and I tell everyone about you!! Best wishes in everything you do!!” -Love, Tyler and Jacey Crabtree

outside summer pictures16. “Happy birthday to our favorite third wheel! Our second best decision in life was picking you as our photographer! We are so happy for the friendship we have created! We hope you have the most amazing birthday!! 🎉🎉” -Love Preston and Rylie

17. “Happy birthday Tasha! I’ll never understand how you do all that you do! Seriously, you are awesome. I admire your grit, dedication, and mad photography skills 😎 Happy birthday!” -Candace Sharp

18. Tashaaa!! You are an incredible person with such fun personality! I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with you! Your work is flawless, we couldn’t have found a better team than you and your associates! Today is your birthday and I just want to wish you the happiest birthdays of your life!!! I hope it’s filled of pure love and happiness with those you cherish the most!! Have the best day ever!! Love you!! ✨💕💓🥳” -Yarol Combe

19. “HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER AROUND!!! We’re so glad we picked you to document the beginning of our love story and wish you the best birthday!” -Dylan + Kaylyn Wright

20. “Happy birthday to THE most amazing wedding photographer & woman of many talents! hope you have the best day, you deserve it!!!” -McKenzee Robinson

outdoor birthday pictures21. “TAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!! You have become one of my greatest, most cherished friends. Who knew someone so small could have SO MUCH LOVE IN THEM!!!!! You’ve lifted me up when down, made me laugh just all the time, and given me your trust (and gotten me through a lot of runs or dishwashings with your polos, haha!!). Thanks for everything, you deserve the best all year but especially on your birthday. LOVE YOUUUU!!” -Cindy Oswald

22. “Happy Birthday! Having you come into my life has truly been a gift. You are generous, kind, strong, smart, and incredibly determined. Your example of grit, faith, and the way you think about helping others has helped me reframe the way I look at my life. You are a blessing. I’m so glad you’re here!”-Jacquie Erickson

23. “Happy Birthday Tasha!! Thanks for capturing the best day of my life! I will forever cherish the moments you captured so perfectly. I wish all the best to you and all that life brings to you! Happy Birthday!” -Shayla Farnsworth

24. “Tasha!!! Happy Birthday! Who knew signing up to live with a perfect stranger would turn out this good! I don’t know what my life would be without you and your friendship! These last few months would have been a new level of misery without you! We have become sister level of friends and I could not be more grateful for you! Thanks everything, from binge watching tv show after tv show, to long talks and jam sessions! I hope you have the very best birthday! Get ready to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” instead of “Happy Birthday” today! 😂 Love you so! 🤍” -Calli

25. “Happy Birthday, Tasha! I’m so grateful for the day that we started working together and became friends. I’ve really loved watching you grow, both in business and as a person. I’m always so impressed with your ideas, ingenuity and your work ethic. Our long talks over Marco Polo are always something I really look forward to. I love being along for the ride, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you!” -Brittany Davis

26. “Tasha: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you celebrate hard this year and see how many people love you ♥️ I’m so glad we met; you inspire me to work hard, be creative, be happy, and be a friend to everyone. Keep smiling girl and have a great year!!!” – Sarah Brough

27. “Happy birthday Tasha!!! My family and I are grateful for your amazing photography skills so we can have such perfect family photos to hang on our wall! You’re not only an excellent photographer, but a kind and genuine person who serves others so well! Thanks for being a good example! Have the BEST birthday ever :D!!”- Katelyn Hunt

28. “Happy birthday Tasha! My main go-to marketing friend! You are so beyond talented and as kind of a person as they get. You are always supportive and complimentary of others. I know you’re going to keep changing the world for the better and growing yourself and others around you. I am so grateful I know you! Hope your birthday is amazing!” -Love, Anna Loader
outside summer pictures
We hope you realize how amazing and loved you are, happy birthday to our favorite photographer! 
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