Jenner & Samantha Berryhill

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December 4, 2020

Our Story

Meet Samantha and Jenner, the future Berryhills.


Their friendship began in a very romantic place.... on the volleyball court. Ward volleyball brought them together, and cookies, of course. Samantha would bring treats over to Jenner's apartment and hang out. Jenner's roommates thought they would be the perfect match and brought it up to Samantha. Samantha doesn't back down from bets so she told Jenner she thought they should go on a date. This is where the story takes a turn...


Jenner told her, "No, I don't think so". The next morning, he knew he had made a big mistake. Fortunately, they still had plans to get together for lunch later that week. You know, for security to show that they could still be "just friends". We all know how that goes... at lunch Jenner apologized to Samantha. Jenner ended up asking Samantha out on a date. She definitely had to think it over, but agreed to go. They discovered they were both alike in the things that mattered most and everything fell into place from there.

Jenner did a great job planning the best surprise proposal; Samantha didn't even know he had the ring yet. Jenner painted her nails that day and then they went to dinner. When they came out of the restaurant their car was gone and had been replaced by a friend's convertible. They drove it up the canyon where he proposed and Samantha, of course, said Yes!


December can't come soon enough!!

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The Details

We're getting married!


Save the date: December 4, 2020


Sleepy Ridge

730 South Sleepy Ridge Drive

Vineyard, UT 84059


6:00pm - 8:00pm


Please wear a mask


Due to health guidelines constantly evolving, we will update this website closer to the reception, if we need to let you know of any updates or added safety procedures.

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