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We all know wedding planning can sometimes be a bit stressful. While there is the fun part– like scrolling through Pinterest, consulting your Instagram feed, and flipping through bridal magazines in the grocery store– a lot of your time can be spent planning and preparing to help the day go as smoothly as possible. If you are anything like me, you have been dreaming of this day your entire life and you want every moment to be perfect.

So while you’re busy consulting your countless lists, carefully checking off each item (twice) and worrying about what you might be forgetting, I came up with a short list of my own of the little things that most couples don’t think about during the planning process.


1. Consult with your photographer when creating your perfect wedding day timeline to help ensure enough time for photos.

I could write several blog posts on this topic alone because your wedding timeline can really determine the stress level you experience throughout the day. Most couples do NOT realize this when planning! So to all of you brides-to-be out there, I recommend consulting your photographer when creating the timeline to ensure adequate time for portraits and details to be photographed and also to take lighting into consideration during this process. Also make sure to leave yourself PLENTY of time for travel, if necessary.


2. Put someone in charge of the water!

Whether it is hot or cold outside, water is something guests will be wishing they had while waiting for their turn during family and group pictures. Ask an aunt or uncle or a trusted groomsmen to put together a cooler of water bottles with a bag of ice. Bonus if the cooler has wheels. Everyone will be much happier and will stay hydrated!


3. Don’t forget snacks for the kids.

There aren’t many things that can make a bridal party feel more stressed and rushed during photos than a hungry, grumpy, melting-down child (although it can make for some funny photos!) . A lot of mothers typically don’t leave home without a snack or two stashed away, but in the chaos of trying to get everyone in the family looking wedding ready, those things may be forgotten. Choose someone to be in charge of bringing small snacks for the kids who might be in attendance and needing to stay happy during group photos. Suggest things like fruit snacks or goldfish that won’t create a mess. Some of the groomsmen might appreciate a snack as well to fend off the hangries.



4. Ask your florist for a magnetic boutonniere.

If there is one small thing I have found that is worth the extra cost when it comes to your flowers, it’s a boutonniere or corsage that can be secured with a magnet rather than pins. Gentlemen, this is one is for you. Trying to get a flower to stay on your shirt without poking yourself in the process or leaving noticeable holes in the fabric can be a headache. Ask your florist about this option; your bridal party will definitely thank you.


5. Bring a journal with you into your temple sealing.

For LDS couples (or really any bride and groom), I love the idea of bringing a journal with you into the temple and taking a few moments to reflect on the most important and sacred part of your day. Anyone who has been married before will tell you that the day goes by so fast! Those little details and the feelings you felt will fade from memory over time, so writing down those most special memories will help bring back the joy that you felt on your happiest day.

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