I lead a team of two
associate photographers
, I'm a twenty-something photographer, Nurse and small town girl living my dream. Your new best friend Hey there! I m Tasha!
Most days you can find me learning to save lives one episode of Grey's Anatomy at a time.
Oh & I'm a School Nurse at a K-12 school for kids on the Spectrum.

I am a fruity pebble fanatic, Championship napper & Colorado native!

I am known for getting way too excited behind the camera
& never wanting to end a session.
1. Life is short and so am I.

2. I didn’t choose the gluten free life,
the gluten free life chose me.

3. I’m from Elizabeth, Colorado
a town with a whopping population of 1,394.

4. Get out the Genius World Record Book
I can lick my elbow!

5. I am a proud member of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Dying to hear more? Here are the important facts: