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Hey There! Im Tasha!your new best friendI'm a twenty-something, photographer, nurse & small town girl living my dreamsI lead a team of four amazing associate photographers


1. Life is short and so am I.

2. I didn’t choose the gluten free life,
the gluten free life chose me.

3. I’m from Elizabeth, Colorado
a town with a whopping population of 1,394.

4. Get out the Genius World Record Book
I can lick my elbow!

5. I am a proud member of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A few of Tashas favorite shots

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Time to Meet the Tasha Rose Team


Photography isn't our job, it's our passion.

Roses are red, violets are blue,


We’re the Tasha Rose Team


Here to make ALL of your wedding photography dreams come true.


There’s no ‘we’ in Diet Coke, BUT there is a 'we' in

wedding photography.

Why book with an associate photographer?

The Tasha Rose Team was created for couples who love the quality, service and unique style of photography by Tasha but may have a smaller budget or Tasha is not available on your date. Every bride and groom that choose to work with our team will receive all of the benefits of the Tasha Rose experience.


By booking an associate package, you will get an associate photographer whose photography style, personality and training are very similar to Tasha's. All of your photos will be edited by Tasha to provide consistent photos across the company. Each associate is talented in their own way, worked alongside and have been mentored by Tasha.


WE ARE DEDICATED TO CAPTURING the most important moments and making ALL of your wedding Pinterest dreams come true.

Alyson Caten


Associate Wedding Photographer

Amelia Hacking


Associate Wedding Photographer

Kaylea Mchenry


Associate Wedding Photographer

Megan Rangle


Associate Family Photographer

A few of our associates favorites

You can view individual portfolios & additional information

on each associate by clicking on their name above.

Whether you work with Tasha or one of our associate photographers


We promise...


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