“And they lived

Happily Ever After"

“You are my today and all

of my tomorrows"


“I notice it all, all of the details of you,

and I love each one."

"I LOVED her, the pictures, and the memories that were captured. She knew how to catch the right lighting and what pictures would bring out our personalities. And she was fun and so kind! Natasha definitely captured the love and joy that is in our hearts. I show off my pictures all of the time! She is phenomenal. I would choose her again and again. You have nothing to fear with Natasha as your photographer!"
- Mr. & Mrs. Coats
"Tasha is hands down my favorite photographer on the face of the earth! My husband and I have pictures Tasha took of us all over our little home now, and every time I look at them I think, "Dang! Tasha sure knows how to make us look good!" If you are looking for a talents, down to earth, fun photographer who will make you feel like a straight up model in front of the camera, choose Tasha. She is going to be my photographer for life. I love her!"
- Mr. & Mrs. Hampshire
"My husband and I (and our families) can't stop looking at our photos! They turned out so beautiful--she did such a great job capturing our relationship and didn't over-do the editing. She worked around the clock to get exactly what we wanted and never skipped any corners. Not to mention, she's an absolute blast to be around!"
- Mr. & Mrs. Ericksen
"There is no one quite like Natasha! She cares, she cares a lot! No matter the occasion for taking your pictures, she will make you feel SO IMPORTANT! She is a little ray of sunshine with an eye for photography that most people simply don't have. Her style is bright beautiful and so real."
- Mr. & Mrs. Chipana

Tasha Rose

Salt Lake City, Utah Wedding & Portrait Photographer for the lovers of life and adventure. Travel welcomed.

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